For a visionary brand

The strategic stake

With the advent of the digital transition, a new approach toward brands proves is strategic for you as well as the professionals who design and develop them across multi-channel media.

Whereas standard analytic marketing and semiotic tools come to a standstill and flounder , fullfeelmark, based on symbolic modelling and the humanist psychology of Irvin Yalom , allows for the revival of a genuine and fruitful dialogue with audiences divided into influential communities eager to have their own " brand power " solicited and acknowledged in an existential quest for meaning far beyond the mimetic urge to consume.

With fullfeelmark, you will be able to concretely and conveniently explore new strategies to enhance the attraction as well as the relational power of your brand, thanks to methodological tools designed to activate all its symbolic dimensions, from which genuine meaning and distinction are derived

The fullfeelmark approach is developed with various maps and illustrations, coupled with an innovative and powerful analytic web app. As the book unveils, it is devised according to the principles of disruptive consuming, including its actors, for whom the primary needs have been satisfied and who are now in search of a new idealwhere the internet and social networks represent real relationships and essential virtual meeting points.

With the purpose of releasing the development of the individual through meaning, Fullfeelmark perceives the brand as existentially connected with its audiences. Committed to a movement which aims at reassigning symbolic needs their anthropological and founding role, Fullfeelmarkcontribute, in an innovative and decisive way, to the understanding and the extension of the dawning age of the global network civilization which is coming to life progressively before our very eyes, alternatively soft or rash, but always driven by passion.

Fullfeelmark : A symbolic model of the brand